Assessment, recording and reporting (ARR)

Teacher assessment is now the main focus for end of key stage 1 assessment and reporting. It is carried out as part of teaching and learning in the classroom. ' - Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

Schools' Responsibilities Relating to Assessment

End of each Key Stage Statutory Responsibilities

Headteachers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their school complies with end of Key Stage statutory assessment requirements.

Each year QCA provide copies of ‘Assessment and reporting arrangements' for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

Teachers responsible for Y2, Y6 and Y9 need to be provided with the relevant QCA resources so they can fulfil these duties.

The National Assessment Agency (NAA) was formed in April 2004 and is the part of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority responsible for delivering the national curriculum tests. NAA is a subsidiary body of QCA.

NAA is responsible for:

  • the secure delivery of national curriculum tests;
  • the secure delivery of public examinations such as A levels and GCSEs;
  • modernisation of the examination and testing system.

QCA produced the national curriculum assessment ‘REGULATORY FRAMEWORK’ and ‘CODE OF PRACTICE’ which provides comprehensive details of assessment arrangements for Key Stages 1-3.

Assessment in the Classroom

Assessment Policy - What to Include

Schools need to have an up-to-date Assessment Policy.

Assessment Review Policy (PDF 98KB Opens in a new window)

The school Assessment Policy needs to cover details relating to:

  • Roles and responsibilities of people who contribute to assessment within the school.
  • Consistent approaches to planning, record keeping and tracking pupil progress.
  • Statutory and non-statutory assessment arrangements.
  • Target-setting for individuals, groups, class and whole-school
  • Assessment of pupils with special educational needs.
  • Arrangements for monitoring assessment throughout the year.
  • Transition year-on-year.
  • Annual reports.
  • Updating pupil records, reviewing targets/progress.
  • Consultations with parents
  • Liaison with Local Authority, re access arrangements for KS2 or KS3 SATs.
  • Marking and Feedback (which may be a policy in its own right).
  • In-school moderation/cross-phase moderation.
  • Support for ongoing teacher assessment in all classes.
  • Assessment for learning strategies, including Bloom's Taxonomy.

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