Disadvantage Champions Network meetings


Resources are available to download from the Disadvantage Champions Network meetings. 

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 DCNM Meeting Documents (zip file 1.0mb)

Autumn 2018

DCNM October 2018 (pdf 1.0mb)

Summer 2018

Starting points to close gap in maths (word 108kb)

Secondary case study School A pages 1-3 (pdf 692kb)

Secondary case study school a pages 4-6 (pdf 264kb)

Spring 2018

Disadvantage in the News

Case Studies (zip 4.0mb)

Changes to FSM map

National Conferences (1)

National Conferences (2)

DCNM Spring 2018 Presentation (pdf 1.0mb)

Parental Engagement Toolkit (pdf 465kb)

Supporting disadvantaged pupils


Notes page

Autumn 2017

The State of Social Mobility - summary notes

Barriers to Learning - Pupil Questionnaire

Understanding Barriers to Learning - ideas

Pictorial Pupil Questionnaire (pdf 153kb)

Celebratory Letter

EYFS charter (pdf 117kb)

EYFS booklet (pdf 4.0mb)

DD4D Project Guidance

Data Task Part A (excel 00kb)

Data Task Part B

Toolkit - Strategies for QTL

Toolkit - Strategies for Parental Relationships

Toolkit - Strategies for Literacy/Numeracy

Toolkit - Strategies for Home-life

Toolkit - Strategies for Behaviour

Toolkit - Strategies for Attitude & Expectations

Toolkit - Strategies for Attendance

Toolkit - Strategies for Ability

DCNM Autumn 2017 Main Presentation (powerpoint)

Summer 2017

Governor Responses to Disadvantage CPD

DCNM Summer 2017 Main Presentation (powerpoint 00kb)

What helps you learn better - Barriers to learning survey

Pupil profile example

One page profiles ks1-4 (publisher)

One page profile EYFS

Ofsted Disadvantaged Comments

Spring 2017

Disadvantage Champions Network Meeting v.4 (powerpoint)

Governor News 2017 (pdf 808kb)

Swap questions

Swap questions completed

Questions focusing on PP

ks2 to ks3 transition self-evaluation tool (pdf 64kb)

Autumn 2016

Sept 2016 - Results and PP information

Parental Engagement (pdf 465kb)

JASS in England 2015 iol DMG (powerpoint)

Disadvantage Champion Network Meeting cover

Disadvantage Champion Network Meeting - Pre-course actions

Capita Pupil Premium Conferences key messages 2016

ASPIRE crossstick

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