Individual education plans (IEPs)

The 'IEPs into Action' project group published new additional guidance for primary schools on:

  • how to incorporate IEPs into planning

  • pupil and parental involvement in IEPs

  • using ICT to improve the management of the IEP process

  • monitoring pupil progress through IEPs

  • monitoring whole school provision for SEN through IEPs

  • the storage and distribution of IEPs

Schools are invited to join the project at any time.

You will be asked to audit current practice in your own schools to identify good practice and points for action in line with this new LEA guidance.

Support for schools will be available from the Curriculum Project Manager.

Schools that have identified IEPs as a focus for development are particularly welcome.

Members of the project group will report on progress at termly meetings.

Michael May, improvement adviser (secondary)
Tel: (01482) 392403
Email: michael.may@eastriding.gov.uk

Tim Greenway, improvement adviser (secondary)
Tel: (01482) 392404
Email: tim.greenway@eastriding.gov.uk

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