Involving Parents, Raising Achievement

Raising and sustaining parental interest in a child's education is essential if we are to raise their achievement.

Whether you’re a headteacher, SENCO or Extended School co-ordinator, achieving this is a challenge, especially in hard to reach or rurally isolated communities.

You will no doubt be aware of some of the anxieties shared by staff and management alike over parental involvement.

This booklet is especially designed to take schools through the process of identifying the right starting point for their individual school, from establishing mutual priorities to working with parents as co-educators in learning.

Information is provided in a table format on what all schools must and should do as a minimum requirement, as well as on a range of initiatives they could do to further improve parental involvment.

It may be worth noting that by 2010 all children and parents could access a core offer of extended services which includes 'parenting support including information sessions for parents at key transition points, parenting programmes run with the support of other children’s services and family learning sessions to allow children to learn with their parents.' (Extended Schools 2005).

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