End of KS1 statements

The expectation of the Agreed Syllabus is that at the end of Key Stage 1... 

Pupils will be able to:

AT1 – Knowledge and Understanding
With reference to the statutory Key Content specified by this syllabus:
AT2 – Reflection and Response
With reference to the statutory Key Content specified by this syllabus:
Recall and name different beliefs and practices, including festivals, worship and rituals
Suggest  meanings behind different beliefs and practices
Retell some religious and moral stories from sacred writings, recognising the traditions from which they come
Suggest meanings of some religious and moral stories
Recognise some different symbols and actions, including prayer, attending a place of worship and reading from a sacred text, which express faith communities’ ways of life
Appreciate some similarities between faith communities
Identify what difference belonging to a faith community might make
Ask and respond to questions about what individuals and faith communities do, and why
Observe and recount different ways of expressing identity and belonging to faith groups, including wearing clothing and symbols and taking part in acts of worship
Respond sensitively  to expressions of belonging to faith groups
Pupils present ideas about two different religions using key words for each faith studied, including naming the place of worship, two symbols or artefacts found there, one key figure and one core belief
Notice and respond sensitively to some similarities between different religions and worldviews
Consider responses to big questions from different religious traditions and worldviews
Express their own ideas and opinions using words, music, art or poetry
Give examples of co-operation from different religious traditions
Respond with ideas to examples of co-operation from different religious traditions
Identify how different religions answer questions of right and wrong
Express their ideas and opinions in response to questions of right and wrong 
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