Qualities to be fostered in Religious Education

There are some qualities that are fundamental to RE, in that they are prerequisites for entering fully into the study of religions and learning from that experience.

The following should be fostered:

a) Commitment – this includes:

  • understanding the importance of commitment to a set of values by which to live one’s life
  • willingness to develop a positive approach to life
  • the ability to be challenged
  • willingness to develop values and commitments

b) Fairness – this includes:

  • listening to the views of others with respect
  • careful consideration of other views
  • willingness to consider evidence and argument
  • readiness to look beyond surface impressions

c) Respect – this includes:

  • respecting those who have different beliefs and customs to one’s own
  • recognising the rights of others to hold their own views
  • avoidance of ridicule
  • discerning between what is worthy of respect and what is not
  • appreciation that people’s religious convictions are often deeply felt, recognising the needs and concerns of others

d) Self-understanding – this includes:

  • developing a sense of self-worth and value
  • developing the capacity to discern the personal relevance of religious questions

e) Enquiry – this includes:

  • curiosity and a desire to seek after truth
    • developing a personal interest in metaphysical questions
    • an ability to live with ambiguities and paradox
    • the desire to search for the meaning of life
    • being prepared to reconsider existing views
    • being prepared to acknowledge bias and prejudice in oneself
    • willingness to value insight and imagination as ways of perceiving acknowledged realities

f) Openness – this includes:

  • developing a sense of awe, wonder and delight

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