Sports leadership award

The Sports Leadership Award is a programme of leadership training for young people between the ages of 9 and 13 years that promotes them working with younger children, teaching leadership skills through a range of games and activities.

Benefits of the Young Leader Award

The Sports Leadership Award develops skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self-esteem.
The Sports Leadership Award:

  • encourages young people to take responsibility for themselves and those they are leading;
  • helps to develop leadership skills such as communication, organisation, motivation and the raising of self esteem;
  • encourages working with others, planning and self review;
  • supports the work of adults within the organisation;
  • provides the opportunity for older children to work with younger children thus promoting integration and social inclusion;
  • reduces problems associated with bullying and inappropriate behaviour;
  • encourages cooperation and helps to develop moral and social skills.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Sport and Play Development Service are offering to deliver this award in primary schools.

This opportunity will enable the children to develop valuable skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self-esteem along side planning and self review.

This course does not involve any formal assessment and the children will be awarded a certificate of recognition when the tutor feels they have 'completed' the course.

By the end of the course the young leaders will not only have the confidence and ability to lead others, but will also have knowledge and experience of an extensive range of games and activities and therefore will be able to lead fun games sessions with younger children at break times.

If your school is interested in this award and would like further information then please contact us at the address at the foot of the page.

Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership

The award is a nationally recognised qualification that helps people over the age of 14 develop their leadership skills.

It's a fun course and offers an insight into the enjoyment one can gain through sports leadership.

The syllabus fosters generic skills, which can be applied to a variety of different sporting activities as well as contributing to the candidates personal and social education.

It's a practical qualification where candidates learn through doing, rather than through written work.

A candidate's ability as a competent leader is assessed by observation rather than written tests.

  • Planning, preparing and assisting a simple sporting activity.
  • Basic communication skills for leading a sporting activity.
  • Principles/practice in delivering a basic health/fitness session.
  • Understanding fair play in sport.
  • Understanding the role of the sports official.
  • Understanding the scope of local sport and recreation activities.
  • Demonstration of leadership skills in sport.

Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership

The Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership gives people aged 16 years and upwards the skills needed to plan and deliver safe sporting and recreational activities.

The Award develops vital leadership skills such as communication, organisation and motivation, whilst instilling the confidence and desire in people to make a difference within their own communities.

The qualification is practical in nature, with an emphasis on learning through doing and applying knowledge, rather than through theory.

The Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership consists of eight units:

  • Contribute to organising and delivering a sports activity session.
  • Establish and maintain a safe sporting activity.
  • Understand the structure of sport and recreation at local, regional and national level.
  • Understand and lead fitness sessions.
  • Demonstrate principles and practice in running sporting events and competitions.
  • Demonstrate principles and practice in adapting sports activities.
  • Plan a series of appropriate sporting activities.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in the community.

The Sports Leaders UK website provides further information on the Sports Leadership Award and other leadership qualifications.

To access this information please follow the link below:


Sports Leaders UK website.


The Sport England website - use this central website directory to find out more about England's major sporting organisations.

For more information about the Sports Leadership Award, the resources in this section, or about school sport, please contact:

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