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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East riding of Yorkshire Council logo

Sue Holmes independent consultant to East Riding SACRE/RE trainer *
Email: sueholmes@email.com
Tel: 07931 700851/(01377) 249313

*RE trainer - Visit: reinhull.wordpress.com/networks-and-training/

Lucy Jordan, improvement adviser primary (SACRE)
Email: lucy.jordan@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392401
Mob: 07989 651203

Hull City Council

Hull City Council logo

Marilyn Cowling, Consultant to SACRE/RE Trainer *
Email: mossmother@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07764 577064

*RE trainer - Visit: reinhull.wordpress.com/networks-and-training/

North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council logo

Sandra Simmons, North Lincolnshire SACRE
Email: Not available
Tel: (01724) 297187

North East Lincolnshire Council

North East Lincolnshire Council logo

Julie Childs, Chair, NE Lincolnshire SACRE
Email: julie@childsfamily.me.uk
Tel: N/A

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