Early Years Foundation Stage areas for inclusion in RE

Areas for inclusion in Reception RE

Children should be introduced to the key festivals and special books, special people, places of worship, symbols and artefacts for Christianity and other religions studied KS1, plus any others relevant to children in the setting*. If possible they should have the opportunity to visit a local place of worship.

Children should be introduced to the concept of belief in a particular deity, the fact that the name for ‘god’ varies from religion to religion and, as relevant to the religions introduced, that some religions have particular rules about naming god.

I Am Special (provides a starting point for all RE and introduces the concept of specialness)

  • What makes me an individual, what I look like, what I am good at, …
  • Similarities and differences between self and classmates…
  • Being treated as a special person
  • More than one person can be special
  • People I am special to

Special People (links to faith leaders and founders)

  • Family and friends
  • People who help us
  • People who have special jobs, including within places of worship*

Special Times (links to worship and festivals)

  • Special to me - birthdays
  • Special to lots of people - Christian festivals, Harvest, Christmas, Easter + others*

Special Places (links to places of worship, including places within the home, and the world as a special place)

  • Special to me - my home, my classroom, my favourite places
  • Special to all of us - classroom, school
  • Special to lots of people - Christian places of worship (churches) + others*
  • The world as a special place

Special Books (links to sacred texts)

  • Special to me - my favourite books, books that have been given to me
  • Special to my class/school - class/school books
  • Special to lots of people - sacred texts linked to Christianity (the Bible) + others*

Special Objects (links to religious artefacts and symbols)

  • Special to me - my special things
  • Special to my class/school - class/school bears, school badge, …
  • Special to lots of people - artefacts and symbols linked to Christianity (the cross, the font) + others*

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