Principles into practice

The national EYFS Principles in Practice cards, adapted for RE.

Pages in this section:

Statutory requirements
Statutory requirements for RE in the EYFS.

Commitments and themes
Overview of the place of RE within the commitments and themes of the EYFS.

Enabling environments A

Enabling environments B
Enabling Environments A & B - Ideas around challenges and dilemmas to ensure an environment conducive to RE for all children.

Learning and development A

Learning and development B
Learning and Development A & B - Opportunities for learning and development in RE for all children.

Positive relationships A

Positive relationships B
Positive Relationships A & B - Opportunities for creating positive relationships linked to RE for all children.

Unique child A

Unique child B
Unique Child A & B - How RE can help support the whole child, particularly with regard to feelings, behaviour and spiritual development.

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