Ofsted News for EYFS

Ofsted news

The Ofsted documents are offered below as a Zip file, a compressed folder containing a number of documents.

You will need a component such as WinZip or 7Zip installed on your computer in order to unzip the file and access the contents.

Once you have an unzip application installed here is a quick example of how to unzip a WinZip file:

  •     Right-click on the link to the WinZip file below (Ofsted Jan 2014) and then select "Save Link As..."
  •     Save the Zip file to your computer or network drive.
  •     Go to the location where you saved the WinZip file and then double-click on it.
  •     When the WinZip file opens, displaying its contents, click Unzip.

That's it. A folder window will open displaying the extracted files and you can then use them as you wish.


If you would like further information about this pack please contact:

Lisa Devine
Email: lisa.devine@eastriding.gov.uk

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