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Use research to better inform your teaching practice including how pupils learn and the implications on effective teaching. 

The Working with Parents to Support Children's Learning guidance report aims to help schools consider how they can work with parents and carers to improve children’s learning.

EEF Parental Engagement Guidance (pdf 4.0mb) 

The below EEF guidance report offers early years professionals seven practical evidence-based recommendations to provide every child–but particularly those from disadvantaged homes–with a high quality and well-rounded grounding in early literacy, language and communication. 

EEF Preparing for Literacy (pdf 5MB)

The Oxford Language Report has found evidence of a significant word gap in UK schools, an increasing problem which is holding back children's learning. The report aims to better understand the the word gap through market research with more than 1,300 teachers in the UK.

Oxford Language Report (pdf 910kb)

Current policy, evidence and practice for speech, language and communication report below.

Talking About a Generation (pdf )

During summer 2017, Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) visited successful primary schools in which children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, achieved well. This report examines the provision in their Reception Year and the extent to which it was preparing four- and five-year-olds for their years of schooling and life ahead.

Bold Beginnings (pdf 964kb)

Improving the home learning environment is a Changing behaviour report to help promote early language and literacy development through the home learning environment (HLE).

Improving the home learning environment (pdf 664kb) 

Research examining good practice in early education as part of the study of early education and development (SEED). This report looks at examples of good practice in:

  • curriculum planning
  • assessment and monitoring
  • staffing
  • managing transitions
  • communication with parents and supporting home learning

GOV.UK Good practice in Early Education (external site)

The Bercow 10 year on is an independent review of provision for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs in England

Bercow 10 years on an independent review of provision (external site)

The Nutbrown review by Professor Cathy Nutbrown reports the review of early education and childcare qualifications. Click on the links below for the report and a summary.

Nutbrown Report (external site)

What we can learn from the report? (pdf 21kb)

The Ready to Read reports on closing the gap in early language skills so that every child in England can read well. Click on the link below for the full report.

Ready to Read (pdf 1mb)

Teaching and play in the early years is a good practice survey to explore perceptions of teaching and play in the early years.

Teaching and play in the early years - a balancing act (pdf 742kb)

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