Literacy in science projects

Below are some teaching and learning resources used in East Riding of Yorkshire schools by science teachers and pupils.

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Resources courtesy of Nicky Atkin and Ian Cluskey of Wolfreton School, South Ella Way, Kirk Ella, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU10 7LU.

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Literacy Project Evaluation

Download the full Project Evaluation below:

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The initial purpose of the project was to plan science lessons with a specific literacy strand as its focus.

It soon became clear that my preferred teaching style and use of literacy was biased to constructing writing and conclusions through guided writing.

To establish a more balanced application of the literacy strategy would require a mapping of specific literacy strands and selecting science lessons that could provide a broader coverage.

This would enable a positive and meaningful contribution to any science department’s teaching of literacy across the curriculum.

Literacy specialists seemed supportive and interested in an explicit teaching of disassembled literacy strands in a scientific context.

Although this was the intention it also became apparent that to teach each of the strands in isolation was limiting and missed the self supporting interaction of the strands in contributing to developing high level thinking and communication.

The materials fall into two main categories - those that are self contained and detailed lesson plans and those which are supplementary lesson resources.

Trials across a large department with 36 key stage 3 classes were very favourable with respect to the whole lesson plans, e.g. Acid indigestion or Energy resources.

Literacy Project Resources

  • The Earth and beyond
  • Cells and cell functions
  • Changing materials
  • Energy resources and energy transfer
  • Living things in their environment
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