Planning from the Agreed Syllabus

Advice is offered to support teachers in their planning from the statutory Areas of Understanding and Key Content. 

Schools may design their own RE curriculum using these statutory elements or they may use the exemplification offered in the Units of Learning and exemplification section.

Pages in this section:

How to plan from the Agreed Syllabus     
Some pointers to support curriculum design, together with the faith study requirements for each key stage.

Learning about… Learning from…

There should be a balance between the two Attainment Targets to enable children to fully develop their religious literacy. These two ATs are aspects of assessing RE.

Placing enquiry at the heart of learning    
Where RE is most effective, enquiry is placed at the heart of learning. Schools should develop a well-defined and systematic approach to using enquiry in RE.

Sensitivities and challenges in RE     
Some considerations when planning RE activities to raise awareness of some sensitivities and challenges surrounding religion and its practice.

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