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KS1 Meaning and purpose

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Key Stage 1: Area of Understanding - Meaning and purpose
Programme of study
Pupils should have opportunities to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT1)
Pupils should be able to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT2)
Pupils should be able to:
identify different ways in which people of faith express their beliefs through use of artefacts, symbols and actions
identify precious things for people of faith 

say how some religious artefacts and symbols are used 

describe how religious people may express their beliefs in actions and gestures 
reflect on what is special to themselves and others

consider what religious artefacts and symbols mean to people of faith

show how they think a belief links to an action or gesture
explore creation stories from holy books

recall some creation stories from holy books of different faiths

identify similarities and differences between creation stories 
reflect on a variety of creation stories

talk about their own experiences of new life and ask questions about new beginnings
ask, think and talk about Big Questions of meaning, purpose and truth

understand that some questions have no simple answers

develop an understanding that everyone asks Big Questions and religions may offer different answers to the same question 
consider questions that appear to have no answer

ask Big Questions and suggest some answers
consider the ways in which the world is a special place and how faiths say it should be cared for
say why the world is a special place for faith members

say how religious people treat the world with respect
say why they think the world is a special place

talk about ways that everyone can play their part in caring for the world


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