KS1 beliefs and practices coverage

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Key Stage 1: Beliefs and practices coverage
Programme of study
Pupils should have opportunities to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT1)
Pupils should be able to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT2)
Pupils should be able to:
explore beliefs and find out what people of faith believe

2.2 Believing
name some beliefs of two different faiths 2.2

recognise beliefs that are the same for different faiths 2.2
talk about what some faith members believe 2.2

respect what other people say about their beliefs 2.2
explore and discuss sacred stories

1.2 Caring for the world
2.2 Believing
retell a faith story 1.2

know which faith a story comes from 1.2

name the holy books of different faiths 2.2
say what they think a faith story means for the believer 1.2

say why the story is important to a faith member 1.2

respond to stories from holy books 2.2
find out about different religious festivals and rituals

1.3 Worship and festivals
2.1 Belonging
name some religious festivals and celebrations 1.3

describe and explain some traditions linked to religious festivals 1.3

compare similarities and differences in religious festivals 2.1
reflect on important days in the year and how faith members celebrate them 1.3

ask questions about the ways in which people of faith celebrate 1.3

suggest reasons why festivals and rituals are important 2.1
find out about different ways in which people worship

1.3 Worship and festivals
name different ways people may worship 1.3

describe and compare forms of worship common to more than one faith 1.3
talk about what they find interesting or puzzling about the ways people worship 1.3

share views on the importance of worship in the life of a believer 1.3
explore a place of worship and how the building is used

1.3 Worship and festivals
name different parts and important artefacts in a place of worship 1.3

describe how the building and its artefacts are used in different ways 1.3
make response to being in a place of worship and the artefacts they see there 1.3

reflect on how faith members use the place and the artefacts 1.3
find out about how a person of faith lives their life

2.1 Belonging
explain how a person shows religion in their life 2.1 compare the daily life of children from two different faiths 2.1
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