KS2 Identity and values coverage

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Key Stage 2: Areas of Understanding - Identity and values

Unit coverage

Programme of study
Pupils should have opportunities to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT1)
Pupils should be able to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT2)
Pupils should be able to:
explore issues of justice and freedom

4.1 Belief in the community
6.1 Justice and freedom
explore religious stories with the way believers are expected to behave 4.1

describe what freedom means to people of faith 6.1

show understanding of the beliefs and feelings of faith members who have experienced injustice 6.1
consider how they are expected to behave and where these rules come from 4.1

explain what freedom means to them 6.1

share experiences of injustice and explain their hopes and dreams for a just world 6.1
explore religious teachings of forgiveness and reconciliation

3.1 Remembering
6.1 Justice and freedom

describe the ways in which people of faith have demonstrated forgiveness and reconciliation 3.1

identify the impact of a religious teaching such as forgiveness on a believer’s actions 6.1

identify the impact that reconciliation has on community harmony 6.1
recognise situations where they need to forgive or be forgiven and ways they might enable this to happen 3.1

give examples of conflicts that have been resolved within the family, school or community 6.1

appreciate the power of forgiveness and reconciliation in the world 6.1
explore how values provide rules for living and may be influenced by religious belief

3.2 Faith founders
5.1 Expressions of faith
give examples of beliefs and values from different faiths and consider how they influence rules for living 3.2

investigate the impact of religious beliefs, values and rules on the life of a believer 5.1
consider the beliefs, values and rules in their lives which may be similar to religious rules 3.2

explain the challenges that believers face when following religious beliefs, values and rules 5.1
investigate religious rituals that show identity and belonging in different religious traditions

4.1 Belief in the community
6.2 Living a faith
explain the significance and use of symbols and artefacts in rites of passage 4.1

show how the milestones of life give a sense of identity and belonging for faith members 6.2
compare the symbolism associated with rites of passage in three faiths 4.1

discuss the impact of rites of passage on faith members, their family and community 6.2
explore commitment as demonstrated in the lives and work of significant people of faith

4.2 Saints and heroes
5.2 Faith in action 
describe the effect of life-changing events on the commitment of significant people of faith 4.2

explain why significant people of faith acted according to their commitments 5.2
share ideas as to how the lives of significant people of faith have affected the lives of others 4.2

explain how people are inspired by actions of significant people of faith 5.2



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