KS3 Beliefs and practices

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Key Stage 3: Beliefs and practices
Programme of study
Pupils should have opportunities to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT1)
Pupils should be able to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT2)
Pupils should be able to:
explore a range of beliefs, teachings and sources of wisdom
explain why there may be more than one point of view within faith traditions interpret and evaluate the significance of sources of wisdom and authority for faith members
explore the impact of religion and beliefs on how people live explore and explain ways in which people practise religion and show commitment in their personal life as a member of a faith community

analyse how religious practice impacts on the life of a faith member and contributes to harmony and respect across communities
express insight into how commitment to a religion may benefit the individual and the wider community

evaluate the contribution of religious practice in the promotion of harmony and respect
deepen their understanding of a religious community of local significance engage in dialogue with local faith members to explore the origin, development and current practice of their community express insight into how the religious practice of a faith community has local impact
interpret ways that the history and culture of religions and world views influence individuals and communities explore and analyse ways in which faiths come together through shared beliefs and compare things which may separate them consider reasons why some people may support and others may question religious ways of living
show understanding that religious practices are diverse and change over time explore different personal, religious and cultural reasons for diverse religious practices evaluate the significance of religious diversity for people in society today
consider the effects of globalisation on the communication of religious beliefs and practices explain the influence of modern technology on religious beliefs and practices evaluate the influence of modern technology on religious beliefs and practice


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