KS3 Identity and values

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Key Stage 3: Identity and values
Programme of study
Pupils should have opportunities to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT1)
Pupils should be able to:
Teaching & Learning outcomes (AT2)
Pupils should be able to:
consider the questions:
What is religion?  What is belief?

analyse and  interpret claims made by different religions and worldviews express their ideas about religions and examine questions about religion and spirituality
study the relationships, conflict and collaborations within and between religions investigate and evaluate a religious controversy, presenting arguments from both sides

explain some reasons for diversity within and between religions
express a believer’s response to issues of conflict and/or collaboration and consider their own response

evaluate the significance of religious diversity for people in Britain today
consider ways in which religious practice, including rites of passage, promote a sense of identity and belonging
evaluate ways in which religious practice engenders a shared sense of identity in belonging to a faith

explain personal, religious and cultural reasons for rites of passage
express their views on the sense of identity and belonging shared by faith members through religious practice

evaluate the significance and value of rites of passage
explore the relationship between God and believers and the way in which this leads to commitment
demonstrate  links between covenants, promises and commitments between God and believers consider the consequences of keeping or breaking covenants, promises and commitments
explore a variety of forms of religious and spiritual experiences identify and describe a variety of ways in which religious people experience and express their spirituality

evaluate the importance of different forms of religious and spiritual expression for a believer
reflect on their experience of awe and wonder

reflect on a spiritual experience



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