KS1 Judaism


God is One

God is the Creator

God cares for all people

Key figures



Joseph and his brothers

Place of worship: Synagogue

Building where Jews meet

Symbols and artefacts found in a synagogue

People with a special role (rabbi)

Holy book: Torah

A scroll written in Hebrew containing:

• Ten Commandments – laws and rules for living

• ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’’

• ‘Love the stranger because you were strangers in the land of Egypt’


• Creation

• Noah’s Ark

• Joseph and his brothers

• Moses and Miriam

Jewish way of life

Israel has always been a special place for the Jews; Jews live all over the world but when they pray they face towards Israel and Jerusalem

The home is important:

• mezuzah

• Shabbat, the day of rest

• Friday night meal

• welcoming Shabbat

• lighting candles

• blessing the children

Key festival:

• Hanukkah

KS2 Judaism


‘The Lord our God, the Lord is One’ (Deuteronomy 6:4)

Key figures

+ Moses – Exodus

+ Esther (Purim)

+ Prophets – Abraham (covenant with God), Elijah, Isaiah

Place of worship: Synagogue

Community centre - place of prayer and study (Orthodox and Reform traditions)


+ menorah, ark, bimah, Magen David: a modern symbol for Jews

Holy book: Torah

Stories …..

Psalms and Proverbs …..

Jewish way of life

Jews base their morality on

+ 613 mitzvot (commandments)

Jews show commitment by

+ keeping food laws (kosher)

+ the Shema in the mezuzah on the door

+ keeping the commandments

+ wearing of kippah, tallit, tzizit and tefillin

+ celebrating Tu’B Shevat (festival of trees), care for the world and the environment 

Jewish life is marked by rites of passage

+ Brit Milah

+ Bar and Bat Mitzvah

+ marriage

+ death and remembrance

Sacred place:

+ Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Key festivals:

+ Pesach (exodus and freedom – the crossing of the Red Sea)

+ Sukkot (harvest, the festival of God’s protection) – building a Sukkah

KS3 Judaism


As revealed in the Shema, there is only G-d

Key figures: the Patriarchs and the Prophets

+ Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

+ Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel

+ Rabbi Hillel

Place of worship: Synagogue

Using the synagogue to celebrate, learn, relax and worship

Holy Books: Torah and the Talmud

Including the Tenakh, Mishnah and the Gemara

Use of the scriptures in worship - Sefer Torah

Jewish way of life

Orthodox, Liberal and Reform traditions


+ The Holocaust

+ Beth Shalom

Kashrut (dietary laws)

Secular Jews - Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein

The State of Israel

High festivals:

+ Yom Kippur (the importance of repentance and forgiveness)

+ Rosh Hashanah (new year)


+ Prayer

+ The Siddur, kippah, tallit and tefillin

At home:

+ Jewish social, moral and ethical issues

Key beliefs:

+ The Covenant

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