KS3 Meaning and purpose exemplification

Programme of study
Pupils should have opportunities to
Pupils could
explore ways individuals and communities express the meaning of their beliefs in many different forms evaluate the challenge of commitment to a life of faith in a modern context
investigate different theories about the origins of the universe
explore the ways in which religious understanding and scientific theory about the origins of the universe may complement each other

compare views including their own, about the origins of the universe
investigate what religions say about the sanctity and purpose of life
what do we mean by sanctity of life - is all life sacred? ... to whom?

sanctity of life: investigate teachings and examples of people of faith, using a range of religious texts

analyse the ways in which different faiths have a shared understanding about the sanctity of life

research a situation in which the sanctity of life is ignored; evaluate the consequences

explain their understanding of the importance of the concept of the sanctity of life, which gives dignity to all
living things
investigate faith responses to ultimate questions, moral and ethical issues
what are the ethical issues in society today?  consider the obligation of faith communities to respond to them

identify significant people of faith who have responded to ethical issues; consider the consequences of their
commitment; analyse the impact on them, other believers and wider society

suggest how belief informs the actions of people of faith in the issues explored; what is their motivation? 

question the importance of religion in scientific development throughout history

investigate the ways in which two or three religions or denominations in local and global contexts address a
topical issue or cause such as poverty, natural disaster, prejudice and discrimination; explain the diversity of

consider and compare varying levels of commitment, up to and including martyrdom
explore ways in which religions relate to the Earth as a sacred place and the challenge to live responsibly and sustainably who cares for the Earth?  how?  why?

investigate how people, including faith members, act on their beliefs to live sustainably

in a community of enquiry, debate the effectiveness of the voice of religion to influence scientific thinking about
environmental issues
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